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Zinc Carbonate Production
Within our chemical synthesis workshop, we remove heavy metal impurities from raw materials and use a plate and frame filter press to obtain semi-finished zinc carbonate with a water content of 40%.

The products are then dried, crushed and packaged. This production line is fully automatic and enclosed in order to avoid any air contamination.

Zinc Chloride Production
Before they are admitted into our chemical combination workshop, all raw materials for the zinc chloride production process must be pretreated to separate zinc dust from zinc granules.

This equipment set is specially designed for our new zinc chloride production line for our high-end customers. It is an automatic feeder that enables precise portioning of raw materials.

This is another production line. It features two lines that can work simultaneously to maintain a production capacity of 50 tons per day.

Before entering the final product workshop, our semi-finished products must be treated by a semi-automatic and multi-stage purifier to eliminate a variety of heavy metals such as lead, manganese and chromium.
We can now produce 45 to 50 tons of zinc chloride every day. After a new production line is completed at the end of 2015, our production capacity will be enhanced tremendously.

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