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Raw Materials Storage

    We purchase 800 tons of high quality zinc ashes per month for production needs

    Zinc chloride solutions are puchased from Germany by 200 tons per month. They are prepared for special customer requirements.

    Hydrochloric Acid Tanks
    Shown here are several tanks built for storage of hydrochloric acids. They store hydrochloric acids strictly according to the dangerous chemicals storage standard and the maximum storage capacity is up to 500 tons. The hydrochloric acidsstored here are from our neighboring renowned supplier. This is a guarantee for stable product quality and quantity and low transportation cost.

Zinc Carbonate Workshops

    The chemical synthesis workshop is equipped with 3 synthesis tanks, 4 purification tanks, 2 press machines and 1 vacuum filtration system.

    After chemical synthesis, a plate and frame filter press is used to produce semi-finished zinc carbonate with a water content of 40%. Production in 24 hours is more than 10 tons.

    The semi-finished zinc carbonate will be dried in our self-developed paddle dryer by steam drying method.

    Dried zinc carbonate is then crushed and packaged. This production line is fully automatic and enclosed in order to avoid any air contamination.

Zinc Chloride Workshops

    Raw Materials Pretreatment Shop: Before they are admitted into our chemical combination workshop, all raw materials for the zinc chloride production are pretreated here to separate zinc dust from zinc granules.

    Raw materials are pretreated in an integrated process which enhances recovery rate and reduces production cost. Up to 40t raw materials can be processed per day.

    Chemical Combination Workshop: We equip the workshop with a state of the art zinc chloride reaction unit where the zinc chloride solution purchased from Germanywill be processed to produce top-quality zinc chloride products.This equipment set is specially designed for our zinc chloride production line for our high-end customers.

  • Vacuum Filtration System: With same capacity, the vacuum filtration system features more than 10 times higher efficiency than traditional filtration system. It ensures more stable product quality.

  • Automatic Feeder: Shown here is our self-developed automatic feeder that is an outstanding alternative to manual feeding, enabling higher accuracy in dosing. It keeps uniform feeding and reduces dust for improving environmental performance.

  • Semi-Automatic Multi-Stage Purifier: This purfication equipment is independently developed by Hisky for eliminating various heavy metals in the semi-finished zinc chloride such as lead, manganese and chromium. Circular process is executed of a production capacity of 50 tons per day.

    The furnace for evaporative crystallization makes sure the production temperature is more than 1300℃and the temperatur for crystallization is over 380℃. As a result, the finished product is anhydrous zinc chloride.

    We can now produce 45 to 50 tons of zinc chloride every day.

Packaging and Warehouse

    In order to meet the demand for long-distance road or sea transport, all of our products are packed with double-layered thermal insulation materials. The outer layer is subjected to waterproofing treatment.

  • Here you can see two 50 kg plastic drumsthat come with good sealing performance, strong resistance to corrosion, and can be used repeatedly for several times.

  • We have 2 finished products warehouses with a total storage capacity of up to 600 tons and a monthly handling capacity reaching 800 to 1000 tons.

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