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    Founded in 2001, Hisky specializes in manufacturing a vast variety of zinc compounds including zinc chloride, zinc sulphate, zinc ammonium chloride, basic zinc carbonate, zinc ingots, nano-zinc oxide, etc. Our manufacturing plant reaching over 30000 square meters is optimized for energy and production efficiency, environmental responsibility, and is configured for continuous improvement.

Foreign Trade Office

    All foreign trade sales working here boast more than 5 years experience in international marketing of zinc chloride and are familiar with the export requirements of special countries. We can supply overall documents for customs clearance such as test reports and CIQ for Iran customs and embassy certification for Egypt customs.

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    Yanggu HISKY (Zhongtian) Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.
    Fax: +86-635-6383619

    International Trade Department
    Tel.: +86-635-8906488
    Add.: Minying Industrial Zone, Yanggu County, Shandong Province, China
    Post Code: 252300